Nano Secret Santa

( Hosted by SomeNano )

Welcome to the (first annual) 2019 edition of Nano Secret Santa! Nano is a cryptocurrency that is the epitome of digital cash. It's qualities include being secure, fast, and feeless. If you are new to Nano, check out this page to learn more.

Nano Secret Santa is a gift exchange for anyone and everyone. If you are ready... click here to register. If you want to learn more about this gift exchange keep reading below.

Registration is Closed

How it works

  1. Register to participate in Nano Secret Santa. Registration will close on December 4, 2019.
  2. Participants will receive an email with the information needed to send their gift. (Email sent on 04 December 2019 (GMT))
  3. Shop and spend some Nano!
  4. Box your gift appropriately and mail it to your gift recipient by December 16, 2019.
  5. Receive a Nano purchased/inspired gift from your Secret Santa!
  6. Take pictures and post on social media to spread the excitement! Use hashtag #NanoSecretSanta!


  • If you sign up to participate, actually participate.
  • Gifts must be either purchased with Nano or homemade (and Nano inspired). Check out or AnchorX or NanoThings to get started.
  • Gift value should be around $20 USD.
  • No gifts that have age requirements (drugs, alcohol, etc)
If you have any questions, let us know! Find us on Twitter @SomeNanoTweets or on the Nano Discord with handle pwlk#1452

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your best bet is to just head to the registration form. Once there you can read the form and see for yourself. Just note that in order to participate in Nano Secret Santa, you need to submit a mailing address. An email address is also required for us to communicate with you.

This is for you to decide. In order to participate you must give your mailing address and email address. The email address stays with the admins. We use it to communicate with you throughout the process. Your mailing address, however, will be sent to your Secret Santa. What address you give them and the name on the address is entirely up to you.

In the registration form you will be given a field to enter a note to your Secret Santa. When you receive your gift recipient information, you might receive some flavor of wish list that helps you decide what to buy. The main thing to keep in mind, however, is that this gift exchange is to spend or create something related to Nano. You should check out sites like or AnchorX or NanoThings and shop around.

Well that sucks and I am really sorry. The hope is that this doesn't happen to anyone. But it is unfortunately a risk. We have no mechanism to enforce people to buy and send gifts. We just hope that no one is selfish and keeps the spirit of the gift exchange in mind.

Yes, in the email you receive following registration, information is given on how to edit the form you submitted.